Trapping and Removal

When wildlife need to be evicted from your home.

Here’s the typical scenario:

  • Everything is quieting down for the afternoon.
  • Children are tucked into their beds.
  • Your almost ready for your rare moment of quiet time & THEN…

Chewing, Scratching, and Running noises are coming from the attic or crawlspace.  You venture into the attic or crawl in your pajamas with a flashlight and see their glowing eyes staring back.

What’s your next move…CALL A PROFESSIONAL!SurGuard Exterminating

Wildlife can be VERY aggressive when approached in small tight spaces and they feel threatened. The main reason wildlife enter homes is to find an appropriate nesting area to give birth to their offspring. Mothers will become very aggressive in order to defend their young. It is highly recommended that homeowners not try to trap and remove wildlife.

SurGuard Exterminating takes pride in the fact that we have highly qualified technicians and a deep knowledge of trapping and removing wildlife from homes and businesses. Every effort will be made to safely remove and relocate the entire wildlife family to a more suitable area away from human interaction.

SurGuard ExterminatingOnce we receive your call, a qualified wildlife technician will come to your home or business and do the following:

  1 — Perform an extensive inspection in the areas of concern.

  2 — Communicate our findings.

  3 — Recommend a course of action to remove the wildlife quickly.

  4 — Set various types of traps to capture wildlife.

  5 — Return and remove the wildlife from your property.

All work performed by SurGuard Exterminating is 100% GUARANTEED. If the wildlife return to your property, so will we.

The SurGuard Advantage return those quiet afternoons you deserve.