Stinging Insects

Small Package with a Serious Outcome.

When insects bite or sting, they’re typically trying to defend themselves from a perceived danger, You.  Scorpions and spiders are considered solitary YellowJacketinsects, so you generally will only receive single attacks. Bees, fire ants, and wasps on the other hand live in colonies and can attack in large numbers, potentially exposing you to dangerous amounts of venom. These insects typically cause the most problems when they perceive their nest is threatened. For most people, a single sting will cause redness, itching, pain, SurGuard Exterminatingswelling, and stiffness. The discomfort may last only a few minutes or for one or more days. For multiple stings, the reaction can be more serious.  If allergies are present in your home or business, even a single bite or sting may be too many.  Our most common biting and stinging insects include Scorpions, Fire Ants, Bumble Bees, Paper Wasps, Yellow Jackets, BaldfacedHornets, European Hornets, and Fleas.  One of our professional pest control technicians will locate the nesting sites for these insects and take the necessary steps in eliminating the potential hazard to you, your family, your pets, and your home.

With The SurGuard Advantage you can take back your home and yard.