Should you worry about roaches in the house? The answer is always YES.

There are thousands of different species of roaches, but only about five or six species are serious pests in the United States. The most popular in Georgia are German, Smokey Brown, American, and Oriental roaches.  You may only be seeing sporadic roaches in the garage or unfinished basement.   If you SurGuard Exterminatingare seeing them when you turn on the lights, finding egg cases in the cabinet, or find droppings that resemble coffee grounds, this may mean you have a substantial population of roaches.  Few people tolerate roaches in the house, and large populations of roaches can contribute to health problems. If roaches come in contact with bacteria, they can spread the germs throughout their foraging area. In addition, roaches may cause allergic reactions like skin irritation or hay fever. Large populations of roaches can initiate or aggravate asthma attacks.  The process starts with identifying the species of roach that’s invading your home or business. Once identification is made, a plan of action can be formulated. It may consist of sealing cracks inside and outdoors, placing monitoring traps in infested areas, addressing sanitation issues, and baiting to gain control.  Ongoing periodic monitoring and individualized treatment can ensure the roaches do not return!

With The SurGuard Advantage you can rest assured you can live in a roach free environment.