They come in a small package but are difficult to eliminate.SurGuard Exterminating

Ants are one of the most prevalent insects we see in Canton, Woodstock, or Marietta, Georgia.  Ants can invade your home through even the tiniest cracks. They will come indoors  looking for food, water, and harborage.  Trying to rid your home of ants on your own is difficult at best.  Do it yourself treatments often only kill the ants you see and has a tendency to “scatter” the nest to other areas of your home.  More importantly, different types of ants require different treatment approaches, so proper identification is crucial to solving the problem.  If you are having issues with ants, let one of our trained pest control technicians identify your problem to select the best treatment.  You can help control ant invasions by storing items such as sugar, syrup, honey, and even pet food in sealed containers.  Rinse out empty soft drink containers and remove garbage daily.  General maintenance on your home, such as fixing leaky pipes, repairing water damaged wood, and cleaning your gutters will help to prevent ants.  Once an appropriate plan of action is in place, pest elimination can be guaranteed.

With The SurGuard Advantage, our pest control professionals can help eliminate your ant problem for good.