Pre Treatments

What Homeowners and Builders Need To Know About Termite Pretreats:



There are a lot of important details that must be taken care of when building a new home. To build a home that will last, certain things have to be done at the right time and in the right way. Termite control is one such detail. Forget to do the termite pretreatment on a new home and the building will not look any different or be any less sound six months after it is completed, but it is almost certain to be infested with termites sometime within the next few years.

The main species of termites that threaten Georgia homes are eastern subterranean termites, which occur throughout the state. This species is a serious threat to Georgia homes and buildings causing $5 Billion in damage every year.SurGuard Exterminating

The procedures for building a home that is reasonably safe from attack by termites are divided into two major categories: 1) following good termite deterring construction practices and 2) applying a liquid termiticide or bait pretreatment.  Things to consider:

  • Termite deterring construction practices include things such as no wood debris underneath or near the finished building, no wood to soil contact, and finish grade moves water away from the foundation.
  • Whether you decide on a liquid soil treatment, a borate treatment, or install a bait system, all your options should be discussed with your builder and one of our pest professionals.


With tighter regulations, tighter budgets, and tighter deadlines, be assured the pretreat won’t stand in your way. If your looking for:

  • soil treatment, borate treatment, or a bait installation
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