Snakes in Canton and Ball Ground, Georgia

Snakes In Canton and Ball Ground, Georgia

There are several kinds of snakes you can find in Canton and Ball Ground, Georgia. Some snakes are poisonous like the rattlesnake, copperhead, and cottonmouth (also known as the water moccasin) while some are non-poisonous like the rat snake, garter snake, and corn snake. There are a few ways you can identify a non-poisonous snake from a Water Moccasinpoisonous snake. Non-poisonous snakes have a rounded head with round pupils while a poisonous snake have a pointed head with slit pupils. Poisonous snakes have heat-sensing pits unlike non-poisonous snakes.

Generally, humans and snakes can live together in harmony. Most snakes will avoid human interaction at all cost. Having snakes around can be beneficial because they eat cockroaches, mice, and rats. Non-poisonous snakes can also drive poisonous snakes away. The reason snakes like to live around your home is because they can find food, Black rat snakewater, and shelter. On occasion, they will become a problem because they are getting into your house or in your personal space. If a snake gets stepped on or cornered it may feel threatened and can bite you or your pets.

Here at SurGuard Exterminating, we are well trained in taking care of the occasional snake that invades your personal area. We will try with every effort to live catch and release in a more suitable area so everyone is happy. It’s also a good idea to keep brush piles, firewood, and debris piles away from your home since these areas can be a perfect harborage for snakes.

Feel free to contact us if you have an unwanted visitor and need him removed. No snake too big or too small!

Written by Carson Gibson (age 11)

David Gibson, Owner

SurGuard Exterminating, Inc.